NuHart site up for auction

It’s Friday the 13th, the site of a former plastics factory on Dupont St and Franklin St is up for auction, and this is the September 13, 2019 edition of East & Creek, the Greenpoint newsletter. What could possibly go wrong.

NuHart may get a NuStart this fall.

The NuHart site, in a New York Dept. of Environmental Conservation map.

Ten parcels of Greenpoint land, zoned for dense housing and notorious among some locals for the toxic remnants of its manufacturing past, may change hands following a “mezzanine [loan] foreclosure auction” scheduled for October 3, adding yet another possible impediment to eventual remediation and development at the contested site.

The property requires excavation, backfill and vapor mitigation before any construction can begin. Its owner — on paper, “Dupont Street Developers LLC” — has faced litigation from several parties, including several suits relating to at least $1.8 million in debt to contractors and tax lien holders, according to court documents. A recent article published by Bedford + Bowery explains Dupont Street Developers’ legal woes. Dupont Street Developers did not respond to e&c’s response for comment.

In March, the New York Dept. of Environmental Conservation (DEC) published a “record of decision” concerning the site, an essential step that precedes remediation. The agency is aware of the scheduled auction, a DEC official told e&c in an email on Thursday, adding, “DEC will work to execute a legal agreement with any new purchaser to begin the process of preparing the remedial design and performing the cleanup.”

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What else is going on in Greenpoint?

Turmoil at one prominent local employer: “On Thursday morning, Kickstarter fired Taylor Moore, an employee who was one of the organizers of a unionization effort within the company. This was the second firing of a union organizer since last week, when Clarissa Redwine was also fired. . . Both had been heavily involved in the union effort since it began earlier this year. Moore and Redwine, according to four sources who work at the company, were both fired for what management alleged were performance-related issues.” (Slate’s April Glaser)

“A pair of rock climbing gyms will open in Williamsburg and Greenpoint in 2020 if all goes according to plan. A California-based 24-hour rock climbing gym is scheduled to open in April 2020 at 1 Nassau Ave. at the border of Williamsburg and Greenpoint across from McCarren Park.” (Greenpointers)

Your Subway Weekender

G - Normal service.

L - No service between Broadway Junction and 8th Ave.

Thus concludes this September 13, 2019 edition of East & Creek, the twice-weekly newsletter about Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Read the full archives here.

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